I really like working with teens and their families. Teenagers are old enough to know a lot (sometimes more than me) and have wisdom, but young enough that lots of exciting things are still happening in their lives, giving room for lots of positive changes to occur. Parents of teenagers are usually really good people who are often sick with worry or frustration. Their kids are turning into strong-willed miniature adults who want to be trusted to make their own mistakes and act angry and resentful in response to their parents attempts to keep them safe or steer them onto a positive path. When I work with teens, I like to have some meetings with just parents, some with just the teen and some with the whole family (everyone living in the household), if possible. If the whole family can’t be present, it is still very helpful to have some meetings with the teen and at least one parent or step-parent.

Please see the following resources if you are a teenager or parent of a teenager.

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